The Nephilim Parchments (Formerly Balaam’s Error) (Kindle)

It all begins when Paul Kingman, son of the world-renowned archaeologist Benjamin Kingman, finds a cache of ancient parchments left to him by his recently deceased father.   Thrown together with a beautiful young artist, Gabriella McDaniel, daughter of a powerful Senator many believe will become the next President, Paul finds himself strangely drawn to her.   When Gabriella’€™s missing brother, Nathan, unexpectedly shows up, he brings some bad news about their father.   Most disturbing is a possible link to the wealthy and sinister Vaughn Aurochs, a man who has shown more than casual interest in Gabriella’€”and Paul’€™s parchments.

Into the mix comes the mysterious Yuri ben Raphah, a figure of imposing stature and glorious appearance.   A secret agent of God, he has a crucial role to play in the earth-shaking events which are at hand.

Here is a compelling tale of cosmic powers at war, the supremacy of love, and the power of faith’€”with millions of lives at stake.   The Nephilim Parchments, the sequel to The Master’€™s Quilt, is the second book in the Giants in the Earth trilogy, exciting spiritual thrillers spanning two millennia.

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