Where Did I Find My Literary Agent?

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In the summer of 2009 I was finishing up my fifth novel and wondering if I would ever make it as a full time writer.   I’€™d first decided that writing would be an awesome way to make a living over thirty years ago.   I dabbled with some poetry, short stories, and the rough outline of what I hoped had potential to be the next ‘€œGreat American Novel.’€   I didn’€™t get serious about writing every day until March 1985 when I wrote the opening lines of what would become the Prologue for my first published novel, The Master’€™s Quilt,   the first book of The Giants in the Earth trilogy.   The Master’€™s Quilt was published by Crossway Books in 1991 and the second book of the trilogy, Balaam’€™s Error, followed.

Then the wheels came off the bus and my fledgling writing career came to a screeching halt!

Life intervened in some very challenging ways and the third book of the Giants trilogy, The Song of the Seraphim, never made it out of storage on my hard drive.   After a multi-year hiatus, I started writing again, but only sporadically.   I couldn’€™t get any traction with agents or publishers for my novels.

No one was interested in my stories.

Still, I kept writing.

Then, one summer’€™s day in 2009 I stumbled across something interesting on the Internet.   A young woman I’€™d met personally when The Master’€™s Quilt was first published and encouraged while she was an unknown writer trying to get published had become a well-known author.   I contacted her by e-mail and offered my heartfelt congratulations on her success.   She, in turn, recommended that I become a member of ACFW, American Christian Fiction Writers, and attend the upcoming conference in September of that year.

During my extended years of living figuratively in the ‘€œwriting desert’€ I contracted Writer’€™s Conference Burn-Out.   I wasn’€™t at all certain I wanted to face another round of rejections from agents and publishers.   However, a still small Voice inside prodded me to go.

I arrived in Denver, CO in mid-September 2009 both excited and anxious.   After much prayer I had a sense that this conference was going to be different–and boy was it!

To be continued in my next Post . . . .

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