How a Publishing Contest Changed My Life

Writing Contest

Hi everyone.  Welcome to my brand new website and my brand new blog.  My name is Michael Webb and I live in Charlotte, North Carolina with my wife and our parrot. Last August I entered a contest sponsored by Risen Books on a whim and submitted a novel I’€™d written in 1998-1999.  Much to my surprise, it won!  When I finished the manuscript, I worked hard for a couple of years trying to get agents and publishers interested in the fast-paced supernatural thriller, to no avail.

It sat hidden away in a drawer–€”until the contest.

Interestingly, many of the exciting events portrayed in €œThe Oldest Enemy€ are now unfolding on the world stage, especially in the Middle East.

Just goes to show that timing is everything!

So, for all of you aspiring and struggling writers out there, let me encourage you with words from Winston Churchill–“€œNever, never, never give up!”

€œThe Oldest Enemy€ will be released as a Kindle E-book on Amazon October 1, 2012.  Pre-sales of the Paperback start two weeks later, on October 15th with the full release November 15th.  If you like page-turning plots, fascinating characters, and enough action to keep your adrenalin racing late into the night, pick up a copy and tell your friends about it.  I’€™d love to hear what you think after you€™ve read it.  Contact me at
In my next two Posts, I’™ll share how I became a client of Don Maass of the Maass Literary Agency in NY.

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  1. Michael, I am reading “The Oldest Enemy” now and love your writing.
    Great book. I am halfway through and trying to figure out time-wise how I can squeeze in another chapter tonight.

    You know you have got a good book you are reading when you plan out your day to allow for reading time.

    All the best,

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